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UltraAir™ 2.0 USB Mini Air Cooler
UltraAir™ 2.0 USB Mini Air Cooler
UltraAir™ 2.0 USB Mini Air Cooler
UltraAir™ 2.0 USB Mini Air Cooler
UltraAir™ 2.0 USB Mini Air Cooler

UltraAir™ 2.0 USB Mini Air Cooler

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Stay cool anywhere, any time - Without breaking the bank!

On hot days, you would do anything to stay cool. But if you turn on the fan, you get hot air. If you use your Air Conditioner, you can surely expect a bigger utility bill.

Try our UltraAir™ USB Mini Air Cooler instead! It will be the best investment you've made this summer!

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This UltraAir™ USB Mini Air Cooler turns hot air into cool air, more efficient than a fan, and way cheaper than your aircon.

It will cool you down when you sit in front of it, without having to waste money cooling down the entire house. Even better, it is small, compact and portable. This means it doesn't take up room like a typical fan or portable AC. Simply plug it into a wall or USB output, add water to the unit and each filling keeps it going for up to 5 hours!

Tips for Ultra Cooling Effect!

1) Add some ice cubes to the water tank for that extra chill effect!

2) Lightly soak and freeze the water filter for about 30-60 minutes for that extra cooling effect!

How to Use:

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  • Cools and refreshes whilst being energy efficient like a fan
  • Uses only ~8W (100 times less than a regular aircon)
  • Freon Free and doesn't need any other toxic coolants
  • Removable and dishwasher safe water filter
  • Portable and lightweight so you can cool any individual space you like
  • Plugs in via USB cable so you can power it with your laptop, external power bank or a phone charger (wall power plug is not included)
  • Cools the area in front of the device (~45 sq.ft.), approximately the area of a desk, couch or bed
  • Easy-fill water tank lasts up to 5 hours
  • Built-In LED mood light

Stop sweating and click the 'add to cart' button to get your own portable mini air cooler now.

Be cool, be calm anywhere, anytime with this personal air cooler!

How It Works!

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